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Passionate about the world of horses, we decided to recycle old stables of trotting horses to be used in the equestrian world under a new concept of “stable of owners” and “open club”, complementing already attractive and well-located facilities with everything that a horseracing enthusiast can wish for.


The horse is a faithful companion that must be respected and pampered. Our philosophy is based on respect for the horse, animal welfare and safe and accessible facilities. Therefore, we believe that horses must spend time in freedom, not stabled, and our proposal of the boarding consists of alternating the box and the paddocks and a proposal of daily services of exercise and care that guarantee the supervision of the animal and the improvement of the physical condition.


Our facilities are located in Manacor, in the old houses known as S’Hort d’en Mola. Located to the northeast of the city, we are scarce 100 meters from the town center, and our facilities and tracks are visible from the Ronda de Manacor and you can access it walking as we are less than 10 minutes on foot from the center of Manacor . In addition, we are very close, scarcely a hundred meters away, from the beginning of the “Vía Verde”, which allows excursions on horseback through the Llevant region to Artà.


The concept of “owners’ stables” is a well-established concept in Europe where the owners and their horses are the ones who run a club. The club manages the facilities and proposes teachers and the owners who have their horses in the center decide if they train under the tutelage of a teacher or not, and which teacher. In this way, what really matters in the club are the horses and the owners.


Our facilities do not have a permanent teacher who runs the Club, but they propose a series of teachers from the island and the region who have shown interest in teaching in our club.


The club offers its facilities and tracks to riders even if they do not have their horses in the center. There are fees and formulas suitable for each case that will be proposed according to the needs of each rider. Likewise, a rider can come to train at the center and bring his teacher, even if he is not a regular at the center.

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